Anthony L. Mariani 


As a storyteller, I have tried to tackle social and political topics that face society today. I try to tell meaningful stories that an audience can reflect on long after they leave the theatre. I'm continually working on my craft, with just completing a Master Class for ten-minute plays, taught by Gary Garrison, at The Dramatis Guild Institute. I like to reach out and make connections around the globe. I strive to write a for change, to affect my audience and to inspire us all to be better humans on this earth.

T​​​​​HE RED THIRST: a Play with Music​​​


A small border town is thrown into turmoil when LUIS ORTIZ wins the Chamber of Commerce raffle and the prize of a new bass boat. The search begins for who among them sold the Mexican, the winning ticket. The Local barber Lem Hawkins has the only known connection to Luis, and he is held hostage by the towns chamber members and tortured into admit to selling the ticket. 
A play with Celtic Music, based on the Irish vampire legend The ​​​Dearg Due ​​​​​​​​​​​​​After suffering greatly at the hands of abusive men, a young woman's spirit rises from beyond the grave to stalk the men of a small Irish village, her thirst for revenge unquenchable.



Chris Flower is removed as the co-anchor of a network morning show just before going on air. Sabastian the show’s producer has to hold internal office investigation trying to find out the truth about the accusations. With grey lines crossed becomes a case of he said she said, which leads to chaos during the breaks of the next morning’s show and an unexpected twist at the end.

WINNER Southwest Theatre Producitons Austin, TX Playwriting Competition, 2019.

Workshop Southwest Theatre Producitons Austin, TX. 2019   
Longlisted Free Spirit Theatre UK 2019.
Reese Anne, a London teenager, runs away from home to help her now a homeless Ex-History teacher, Shell. They busk by day in front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. At night, they live in ghost station, an underground abandoned tube station, where she tries to create a utopia homeless society, which falls apart on the eve of the Brexit vote.​​​​​

The WEEKEND THETRE, Little Rock, Arkansas, 2019
The Drayton Arms Theatre, Kensington, London, 2016
The Edinburgh Fringe.2016, 
3rd place The London Film Awards Stage Play competition.The London Film Awards, 2017,3rd place at Cannes for best stage play competition. Cannes Film Festival, 2017. Short List for the Sustainable Practice Award Edinburgh Fringe Festival ,2016.



Anne Luna, a Hollywood starlet, whose career and life is spiraling out of control, she has just broken up with her boyfriend Ian, and the paparazzi, are all around her 24/7. It’s Halloween, and She has just struck a man dressed in a suit and a bunny helmet, with her car. Anne drags him into her house and finds out he has amnesia. She needs to keep him in her home and figure out who he is by the morning. With the help of her assistant, they figure out that the man she has hit real identity is Tres Harrison, a notorious paparazzi reporter. Now they have to figure out does he have amnesia or is he on the scoop of a lifetime.
Marcus inherits a magical watch which allows him to travel back in time. Starting with Teagu, a slave in a Baltimore slave jail, Marcus Travels through time back to the present, meeting, Harriett Tubman, The Buffalo Soldiers, Bessie Coleman, The Tuskegee Airmen, Rosa Parks, a young John Lewis, and Trayvon Martin along his journey.


Emma falls down the shaft of an old New England Well. She soon finds out she is not alone in the well and she must find a way to liberate, Samuel Garrick, a ghost of a colonial boy, wrongfully cursed as a traitor and to live out eternity at the bottom of the Liberty Well. Publish in Drama Notebook's Script Library.
  1. I Got You, Babe - 10-minute - Romantic Comedy
    Published - Lawrence Harbison's Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018. Winner: 10 x 10 Infinity Stage Best short play 2018. Semi-Finalist, Edge Fest, The Birdhouse Theatre, Milledgeville, GA. , 2018 Short List The British Theatre Challenge 2017 -Fredric has built his perfect android girlfriend Leslie, except for one flaw. She Keeps breaking up with him.
  2. The Pit - 10-minute Dark drama play.
    Chris, a town sheriff with amnesia since his youth, has called a meeting with his long-time friend Rick, at their childhood fort, a pit in an abandoned lot. They are there to solve the cold case of a missing neighborhood boy whose body has just been discovered, decades later.
  3. Camouflaged Nails - 10-minute Homeless Female Veteran Play
    5th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival at 4th Street Theater in Chesterton, IN., 2018 ,Honorable Mention, Stage It! 10-Minute Plays Competition, 2018: Lisa is one of the thousands of female veterans who live in their cars on the streets. Camouflaging the fact that they are homeless. Lisa has to move her car for the cities Memorial Day Parade.
  4. Diana's Ark -10-minute Dark Comedy
    Darcy, a twin-less twin, breaks into The City Zoo and with a knife holds a Panda Bear Hostage. She demands that The City Zoo build a Noah’s Ark Memorial to lost her lost sister, Diana.
  5. The Hole In The Wall 10-minute Border Play
    Sacred Fools Theatre, LA :" We The People" Project. July 9th , 2018, Maria, sits on a wall hoping to see her son who is 400 miles away. Instead she finds a young Space Alien lost in the desert and who is mourning the loss of his mother. Produced for Sacred Fools Theater. THE Weekend THEATER Playwrights week, 2018.
  6. Robocalls - 10-minute - Comedy
    Sam frustrated by not being able to track down the source of his robocalls. He stalks an elevator of a voiceover management building, listening for that voice that keeps calling him. Little did he know meeting Derek would be his worst nightmare.
  7. STAND? 10-minute drama play.
    Bobby Sears and Vic Kavanaugh are Professional football players, who are giving the ultimatum by the teams Head Coach, to stand during the National Anthem. Bobby and Vic are then forced to decide whether to stand or kneel during the playing of the anthem.
  8. SCRUB NUTS 10-minute - Transgender play
    Finalist, The British Theatre Challenge, The Sky Blue Theatre , 2018: Bailey a female star wide receiver on the football team, has just come out as transgender boy in a mass email to the elite private high school. He now looks to his coach for support as he awaits the fall out in his office.
    Mike unexpectedly shows up at Louise's house with his newly purchased A Green 1968 390 V8 Ford Mustang fastback. She sees the car and his spur of the moment purchase as a sign that he wants his freedom and wants to break up their romance. Little does she know that could be the furthest thing from the truth.
    Phoenix Grandville, in his 50s’ is unexpectedly thrown into a prison holding cell where he is reunited with childhood friends and unlocks the mystery why they have been arrested.