Anthony L. Mariani 

Baltimore born playwright and screenwriter and director of Film and Stage. His new play " I got you, Babe" will be published in Lawrence Harbison's anthology, The Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018, Anthony is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Writers Guild of Great Britain. He now lives Little Rock, Arkansas and when he can stay in Pimlico, London. Anthony got his BA at The  University of the Ozarks. where  he caught the theatre bug from Dr. Patrick Farmer. He received his MFA in Directing Program from the California Institute of the Arts - Anthony studied film under the late Ealing film director Alexander Mackenrick, and Rudi Fehr, who was Alfred Hitchcock’s film editor. He studied Theatre with Jules Aaron, Robert Benedetti, and Lew Palter. 
After CalArts, Anthony spent the 90’s working in Hollywood, first as a production assistant on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” He then Films as a 1st Assistant director on numerous independent films, commercials, and television IDs He has worked for FOX, CBS, TBS (Dinner & Movie). The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Direct TV, Action Channel, Viasat- Netherlands’ channel 3, Home and Leisure Channel, Disney, Comedy Central, Kurtz and Friends, Simon Tse Productions, Tony Kay Productions, Palomar Pictures – Jewel Hands Video & Spearhead “Positive” Nu Pictures- Kabel One, Franklin & Watermen. T. Entertainment, Propaganda Films, Neo Films, HBO Films, Warner Bros, and Dreamworks – “The Love Letter”.
2015 Wrote Directed and Produced the short film ” Don’t you forget about me!” Which has won Best Screenplay LA Shorts Award 2015, Best Director, Best Short, Best Screenplay NYC Indie Film Award 2015, Best Short Film the Canada Independent Film Festival in Vancouver, 2016. The Film Screened at: The London Shows International Film Festival (London, United Kingdom), LA Shorts Awards, (Los Angeles, CA, United States), Barcelona Planet Film Festival. (Barcelona, Spain)I Filmmaker Independent Film Festival (Marbella, Spain),Miami Independent Film Festival (Miami, FL, United States), NYC Indie Film Awards (New York City, NY, United States), Roma Cinema DOC (Rome, Italy), Access Code Short Film Festival (Bangalore, India), Ozark Shorts (Lamar, MO, Untied States), The 16th Ozark Foothills Film Fest (Batesville, AR, United States), Texas Ultimate Shorts (Fort Worth, TX, United States), Canada International Film Festival (Vancouver, BC, Canada),L-Dub Film Festival (Lake Worth, FL, Untied States),Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest (Charleston, SC, Untied States), The Best Shorts Competition (La Jolla, CA United States), Colossus Film Festival (Rodos, Greece),Little Rock Picture Show, (Little Rock, AR, Untied States),The Swedish International Film Festival (Stockholm, Sweden),Venice Film week (Venice, Italy), Blow-up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival (Chicago, IL, Untied States),Afterlife Paranormal Film Festival (Gettysburg, PA, United States)


Little Rock,  Arkansas: . Aug 30,31 Sept 1,6,7,8th.

2019 - THE MORNING CHAIR - Winner Workshop -
Southwest Theatre Productions Playwriting Competition,
Austin Texas, 2019. 

Longlisted Free Spirt Theatre, London,  2019. 

2018- Published, "I GOT YOU, BABE." in the Smith and Kraus anthology, The Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018 by Lawrence Harbison. A modern-day A Doll's House." Fredric has built his perfect android girlfriend Leslie, except for one flaw. She Keeps breaking up with him.

2018 - THE LIBERTY WELL" ONE ACT -PUBLISHED BY DRAMA NOTEBOOK Emma falls down the shaft of an old New England Well. She soon finds out she is not alone in the well and she must find a way to liberate, Samuel Garrick, a ghost of a colonial boy, wrongfully cursed as a traitor and to live out eternity at the bottom of the Liberty Well. Publish in Drama Notebook's Script Library.

ARKANSAS. A staged reading of THE HOLE IN THE WALL-10-minute - Deportation/ Border Play.

2018 - Sacred Fools Theatre, LA:" We The People" Project. July 9th, 2018, A staged reading of THE HOLE IN THE WALL-10-minute - Deportation/ Border Play.

2018- Ten- Minute Play Mater Class -  taught by Gary Garrison, at The Dramatis Guild Institute.​

2018 - Camouflaged Nails - 10-minute - Homeless Female Veteran Play5th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival at 4th Street Theater in Chesterton, IN., 2018, Honorable Mention, Stage It! 10-Minute Plays Competition, Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, 2018: Lisa is one of the thousands of female veterans who live couch surfing or in their cars on the streets. Camouflaging the fact that they are homeless. Lisa has to move her car for, the cities Memorial Day Parade.

2018 - presenting the Olwen Wymark Theatre Encouragement Award, to Actor Jon Mckenna, at a Writers Guild of Great Britain Luncheon held at The Royal Court Theatre, London

2018- Summer of 2018 The Kenyon Playwrights Conference

2017 - 10-minute play: I Got You, Babe - A dark comedy - A modern day "A Doll's House" Fredric builds himself the perfect Android girlfriend, Leslie. Except for one thing, she keeps breaking up with him. The Manhattan Repertory Theatre - April 2017

Awards won for I Got You, Babe.:
Best Short Play10x10xIninity Short Play Festival 2018

2017 - 10-Minute Play: Diana's Ark- Darcy, a twin-less twin, breaks into The City Zoo and with a knife holds a Panda Bear Hostage. She demands that The City Zoo build a Noah’s Ark Memorial to lost her lost sister, Diana. The Manhattan Repertory Theatre - September

Spring 2017 Attended the Dramatist Guilds Institute
The Architecture of Plays with Gary Garrison
Writing Workshop with Andrea Lepcio

Summer of 2017 The Kenyon Playwrights Conference
Master Classes:
Steven Deitz, Diana Nneka Atuona, and Philip Dawkins
Faculty & Speakers
Emily Penick. Jill Rafson, Max Webster, Wendy MacLeod, Ben Viccellio, Christian Parker.
Elizabeth Carlson-Guerin, Donna Hoke, Gregg Wiggans.

2016 The Rooster Rebellion - One Act produced off-West End at the Drayton Arms Theatre in London. The production went on for a two week run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Awards for the Rooster Rebellion:2016 Short List sustainable practice award the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 Third Place London Film Awards Best Stage Play 2016. Third Place Cannes Screenplay Contest Best Stage Play 2016